The 2016 AMOS Projects Show Case: MORFeus

Team / Project MORFeus reports:

Our project, the Mobile Robot Framework, was conducted in cooperation with the Develop Group. Our objective was to build a mobile, platform independent framework that would allow interaction and communication with the robot provided by the Develop Group. We lovingly named the robot MORFeus. Our team consisted of 6 computer science graduate students and one international information systems graduate student. All of us were highly motivated to work on this project. The atmosphere in the group was outstanding and all the team members bonded astoundingly well over the course of the project. This and our high qualification lead to a result that exceeded the expectations of our supervisor and our industry partner and ourselves.

Although it was a challenge finding into the Scrum process, our team meetings became succeedingly productive and professional as we got used to each other. A highlight of every sprint-meeting was experiencing the new functionalities that our robot and framework could perform every week. The constant improvement in our software defiantly helped to keep hopes high and tempers low. Every milestone in our project felt like a great achievement that we had reached together. And only through our teamwork could we overcome the numerous challenges that stood in our way. The difficult implementation of the camera stream (which caused several sleepless nights), the reworking of the collision sensors and finally the integration of joystick controls were no small feats, but we accomplished them together.

All of us are glad that we participated in this project together. It was a lot of work and dedication that we put into this project, but while we drive around MORFeus and see other people interact with the framework we built, we all agree that it was worth it.

Team: Markus, Florian, Andreas, Jan, Maximilian, Valerie, MORFeus, Martin and our industry partners