Newsletter (to FAU Students) 2017-02

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Newsletter!

Table of Contents

Interview Workshop

Google’s Christian Nester will be hosting a (technical) interview workshop on Feb 6th at 10am. It will take about 90min. Please see here for more information Registration is required to participate.

Introductions for Job Interviews

We finally figured it out! How to facilitate job interviews, that is. In the past, it did not work well when you asked for our support, but now we believe we “cracked” the problem. Read about how to ask for our help here:

Entrepreneurial Interests

We care deeply about student startups. If you are interested in entrepreneurship and startups, and would like to be informed about events or opportunities, please register your interest with us here: We will send you information in irregular intervals.

Student Jobs with Us

We currently have two technical student job openings, both at the forefront of server and service (software) technology:

If you are interested, let us know! Also, we basically always have programming jobs available. Just ask!

Upcoming Summer Teaching

In the summer semester, starting mid-April, we will be offering the following courses:

We may also be offering NYT now, see

Please make sure you sign up on StudOn as soon as possible so we can work with the demand.

Past Issues and Impressum

All newsletters can be looked up at

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