Final Thesis: Extending an Inner Source Patch-Flow Crawler for Gitlab and Github Enterprise

Abstract: Due to the advantages, source code management is widely used nearly everywhere in software development. But often the access to organizational repositories is restricted to individual projects or groups. In contrast to that, Riehle, Capraro, Kips und Horn (2016) describe the application of techniques established in open source development, like organization internal accumulation and publication of knowledge, as an important element of inner source. In this context features set of SCM, like following up the author of a repositories commit, is a crucial part for measuring patches between organizational units. The Professorship for Open Source Software developed a crawler, with the purpose of gathering and saving patch-flow data, by automatic processing of a repository’s metadata. Extending the Patch-Flow crawler with an interface for GitLab and GitHub Enterprise allows to use the implemented functionality as standalone or in combination with already existing features. This way, the possible applications and accuracy are enhanced.

Keywords: Software engineering, mining software repositories, inner source, patch-flow

PDFs: Bachelor ThesisThesis Description

Reference: Benjamin Mach. Extending a Inner Source Patch-Flow Crawler for Gitlab and Github Enterprise. Bachelor Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2017.