Final Thesis: Real-Time Collaborative QDA

Abstract: QDAcity is a cloud-based web application that supports qualitative data analysis. Many research projects are executed by multiple researchers and therefore require some degree of collaboration for the qualitative data analysis process. QDAcity already aids this process by managing a single data source that can be accessed by multiple researchers. Still collaborating in QDAcity requires a separate communication channel outside of the application to coordinate the collaboration and avoid concurrent changes to data inside QDAcity. In this thesis an extension for QDAcity is implemented to augment the application with real-time collaboration capabilities. This enables researchers to work on a project and even single documents inside QDAcity at the same time without the need for external coordination.

Keywords: real time collaborative editing, QDA, QDAcity

PDFs: Master Thesis, Work Description

Reference: Andreas Mischke. Real-Time Collaborative QDA. Master Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2018.