Show-casing the 2018 AMOS project “Planungstafel für das Handwerk”

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Project name Planungstafel für das Handwerk
Project mission The project “Planungstafel für das Handwerk” aims at developing a web application that projects the most important tasks for the operative planning of resources in the contracting business. The resulting products is supposed to act as a prototype for a potential start-up spin-off.
Industry partner Maler Scholten GmbH
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Project summary The overall result of the project is very satisfying for the whole team and the industry partner. The team managed to create a product that exactly fits the market niche spotted by the industry partner, satisfies customer needs and due to the scope, level of details and entirety of features is ready to being implemented by the industry partner right away. Furthermore the existing product is a solid foundation for the elaboration of the existing startup idea – next steps can be initiated.
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Project repository https://