Final Thesis: Industry Success Factors for Open Source User Consortia

Abstract: The popularity of open source software development (OSS) strategies is increasing among organizations. Although it is not a new approach, the number of studies which concentrate on the open source user consortia strategy is limited. The goal of this thesis is to provide an overview of this phenomenon by investigating encountered problems in open source user consortia, and factors which influence the success of this strategy. Samples for the study are selected from higher education, automobile and information technologies industries. Sample projects are Sakai (higher education), openMDM (automobile), and GraphQL (information technologies). The multiple-case case study approach is performed in the study. The data sources are interviews, meeting notes, blog posts and conference videos of the key personnel in the project. The results show that the most important factors are related to governance policies in consortia.

Keywords: Open source, open source foundations, open source user consortia, open source success factors.

PDFs: Master ThesisWork Description

Reference: Elcin Yenisen Yavuz. Industry Success Factors for Open Source User Consortia. Master Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2019.