Call for Presentations: InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2020

We, the Open Source Research Group at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, are actively involved with the InnerSource Commons – a group of practitioners and researchers working on and with inner source. Inner source is the use of open source software development practices and the establishment of open source-like communities within organizations.

We are happy to forward to you the call for presentations for the InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2020:

The InnerSource Commons Spring 2020 summit will be held in Madrid, Spain from 14-16 April 2020. We look forward to another exciting lineup and thought leadership speakers. For more information, check out InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2020 page. Hope to see you there! Use this form to submit your presentation proposal.

The call for presentations has a rolling deadline: The first batch of talk proposals can be submitted until 10 January. Later submissions will be considered for inclusion up until 19 February (but only be as long as presentation slots are still available).

Please consider sharing your inner source story in Madrid!