AMOS Project: Student-Job Application App with Consileon

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AMOS is our course on Agile Methods and Open Source. Students experience Scrum and software development in exciting industry-provided projects. Learn more about AMOS here.

One of the interesting AMOS projects has the goal to build a cross-platform app for student-job applications together with Consileon:

Filling out paper formulas at job fairs is outdated! Build together with Consileon a cross-platform app to enable paperless student-job applications for everyone (PC, Android, iOS). Do you want to gain experience by working on the full stack with a Java backend and a JavaScript-based user interface, as well as train your agile competences? Join the project now!

You are interested? Register for AMOS now using StudOn. Shortly before the semester begins, we will contact you via email with a survey to ask for your project preferences.