Final Thesis: Market Research for Personal Use of QDAcity

Abstract: Computer-aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) supports coding, categorizing, thematic analysis and derivation of insights from qualitative data. This category of software is most frequently found in academic settings but not exclusive to those. Thinking of the potential commercial value of such a solution to researchers, industry market research professionals, as well as scholars and students as well as companies and institutions, the Open-Source Research Group has been planning the launch of a cloud-based CAQDAS. This thesis, structured through a list of individual hypotheses, is an effort to figure out the potential market and business value of private use of a specific cloud-based CAQDAS. The thesis combines primary data collection using a survey and secondary sources like market research, reports, statistics. The survey findings serve to confirm or disconfirm the individual hypotheses. The conclusion to each hypothesis combined with insights from competitor analysis and secondary research are translated into business recommendations for the development team, in crafting their business plan for the product. The main findings from the research indicate potential business value for launching QDAcity within the midrange segment with corresponding pricing and product proposition. 

Keywords: Market Research, Value Propositions, Market Testing, QDAcity

PDF: Master Thesis

Reference: Do Minh Chau Le. Market Research for Personal Use of QDAcity. Master Thesis. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2021.