Announcing the Winter 2023/24 AMOS Projects

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I’m happy to announce our most ambitious set of AMOS projects yet. They are:

  1. A ticketing chat AI (with Siemens). Develop a chat AI to help Siemens employees fill out IT ticketing forms.
  2. A Pitest IDE plugin (with esolutions). Develop an IntelliJ plugin for PIT (Pitest) to make mutation testing easy.
  3. A tool to make tracking and comparing visual test output (screenshots) easy (GUI Frame Diff, with esolutions.)
  4. A data pipeline and storage manager (with IAV). Develop an orchestration tool for popular open source data engineering frameworks.
  5. A data pipeline configuration chat AI (with Shell). Develop a chat AI to help developers configure data pipelines for RTDIP.
  6. A sales lead qualifier (with SumUp). Develop an ML based algorithm for helping companies determine where to focus sales activities.

As always, all projects will be open source projects. You can find the project descriptions at

Registration will open on Oct 6th, stay tuned. If you are registered on StudOn, we will send you an email this way.