Final Thesis: Success Factors of Open-Source Foundations in Healthcare Industry

Abstract: This extensive research study thoroughly analyzes organizations’ involvement in the context of open-source foundations in the healthcare industry. The study employs a multi-case case study approach, focusing on the OpenEHR Foundation and the Racoon Project as the study samples. The motivation factors driving organizations’ engagement in this domain are diverse and multifaceted. These factors encircle the necessity for standardized data models, the pursuit of vendor neutrality, the promotion of interoperability, the development of infrastructure, and the expansion of scope. However, organizations operating within the open-source environment also encounter various challenges. These challenges include organizational disputes, transitions in leadership, the establishment of trust with new partners, managing diverse expert opinions, and adapting to evolving data privacy and security regulations. Effectively addressing these challenges necessitates implementing various strategies, including transparent communication, democratic decision-making processes, information sharing, mentorship initiatives, structured discussions, and a vigilant approach to regulatory changes. Moreover, the study sheds light on significant success factors that contribute to the overall success of organizations in an open-source environment. These success factors include striking a delicate balance between open-source and commercial interests, establishing flexible governance structures, aligning with market demands, employing proficient project management techniques, maintaining precise documentation practices, and adopting an outcome-centric success evaluation framework. Overall, this comprehensive research study provides valuable insights that can serve as a foundational platform for organizations seeking to navigate the intricacies of the open-source environment.

Keywords: open source foundations, healthcare, RACOON project, openEHR, radiology, electronic health record, best practices

PDF: Master Thesis

Reference: Akshat Shrivastava. Success Factors of Open-Source Foundations in Healthcare Industry. Master Thesis. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2023.