MADE Winter 2023/24 Student Projects

Every semester, in our course on Methods of Advanced Data Engineering (MADE), students work with Python and Jayvee, our domain-specific language to model data pipelines as part of the JValue project.

During the semester, they also complete a data science project of their choice using open data. Below, please find links to the projects we found particularly interesting.

  1. London Urban Demographic Analysis
  2. Sentiment-Driven Spotify Music Recommendation
  3. Realistic Alternatives: Substituting the Worst Train Connections with Electrified Highways
  4. Analyzing the Correlation Between Temperature Changes and Food Price Inflation in Selected African Countries
  5. BRFC – Behavior Risk Factors & Cancer
  6. Association between Newly Registered Passenger Cars and CO2 Emissions in the EU
  7. Impact of Weather on Daily Air Traffic at the Paphos International Airport, Cyprus

If you are interested to find out more about MADE, please feel free to contact Philip Heltweg or Georg Schwarz.