Upcoming Talks: Nikita Peters & Sebastian Schuberth

We are pleased to announce the upcoming exclusive industry talks for our students in AMOS, our agile methods course. This time, it will be a special treat as we have two speakers to share their expertise with us. Details of the talks are as follows:

  • Date & Time: July 10th 2024, 10:15 Uhr
  • As part of: AMOS


  • By: Nikita Peters, Head of Open Source & Software Asset Management
  • About: Porsche’s Open Source Movement: Following a Holistic Approach

Abstract: The Porsche Open Source Office is the vehicle to anchor open source in Porsche’s software strategy by introducing a holistic approach across the organization. The open source initiative was accelerated by the FOSS Movement which created a common understanding of values, principles, and goals – in all teams, all subsidiaries and across all national borders. In this talk, Nik Peters will provide an overview of the holistic approach that the Porsche Open Source Office is embracing – streamlining FOSS Compliance based on OSS Review Toolkit, fostering FOSS Supply Chain Security with a central data repository and ultimately, empowering employees to participate in open-source as well as inner-source activities.

Nik was able to live out his passion for technology already in his school days and eventually studied business informatics in Vienna and Mannheim. He joined Porsche in 2018 focusing on the Customer Relationship Management Suite before taking over as Head of Open Source Office at the beginning of 2020. Since 2022 he is heading the department Open Source & Software Asset Management. Away from his main job, Nik is a passionate basketball (NBA) fan and loves spending time with his children.


  • By: Sebastian Schuberth, CEO & CTO of Double Open Oy
  • About: The OSS Review Toolkit in the past, present, and future

Abstract: The OSS Review Toolkit has come a long way since its creation 7 years ago. This talk provides an overview of the initial motivation and early proof-of-concept for the various tools, over the maturation as a community project, and finally gives an outlook about the new things to come in the foreseeable future.

Sebastian Schuberth is an Open Source evangelist and automation enthusiast. He has more than 20 years of experience with contributing to and maintaining Open Source projects on the one hand, and crafting proprietary software on the other hand. Consequently, Sebastian tries to bridge the gap between the Open Source and commercial worlds by working with companies to make proper use of Open Source software and contributing back. As a founder of the OSS Review Toolkit project and the Double Open company, a central part of his work is to automate the legal checks for compliance processes.