3.3.4 ARCH

In ARCH-PROJ, our software architecture project, a student team today presented their findings from documenting, analyzing, and suggesting improvements with respect to the use of open souce code in a commercial product. The student team found various discrepancies between assumed use of open source...

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Today we discussed JP Morgan Chase's presentation of "technology in banking" at Stanford's EE380 class. Discussion notes from the blackboard below, as usual. Also, in the lower part of the blackboard, the power law result of a recent paper on the distribution of coupling relationships in Java. ...

Category: 3.3.4 ARCH

Today in the Software Architecture seminar we watched and discussed: Richard Monson-Haefel: 10 Things Every Software Architect Should Know Dan Ingalls on Forty Years of Fun with Computers For the first talk, please find the black board notes below.

Category: 3.3.4 ARCH