Diplomarbeitsthema: Design Pattern Density Validated

Work Description

This Diplomarbeit looks at the use of design patterns in object-oriented software design. We will use the Booch software architecture catalog (and related materials) to assess a metric called design pattern density. One possible outcome of the Diplomarbeit could be a research paper with an abstract like this:

Design pattern density is a metric that assesses the percentage (density) of design patterns in a given object-oriented design. Experts have long believed that a high design pattern density implies a high maturity of the design under consideration. In prior work, we have defined the metric as well as an instrument to assess it in a given design. In this work, we assess the design pattern density of a large number of published object oriented designs. We validate the hypothesis about high maturity of design as well as several others. We conclude that the design pattern density metric is a valuable design-level metric to provide insight into the quality of a given design.

Necessary Skills

  • You should enjoy object-oriented software designs
  • You should know design patterns well

Contact Person

Dirk Riehle