Diplomarbeitsthema: Implementing Collaboration-Based Designs Using Aspect-Oriented Programming

Work Description

This Diplomarbeit looks at the use of aspect-oriented programming to implement object collaborations. One possible outcome of the Diplomarbeit is a matching open source framework. Another possible outcome of the Diplomarbeit could be a research paper with an abstract like this:

Collaboration-based design (a.k.a. role modeling) is a modeling technique that reduces complexity of object-oriented software design and implementation. In this paper we first show how to use aspect-oriented programming to implement collaboration-based designs. We then compare the effectiveness of implementing collaboration based designs using a standard programming language and using one enhanced with aspect-oriented programming. We observe an increased effectiveness in terms of safer programs and conclude that aspect-oriented programming when used in this stylized way makes programs safer.

Necessary Skills

  • You should like object-oriented programming and design

Contact Person

Dirk Riehle