Current Bachelor/Diplom/Master-Theses Topics

Update 2010-06-19: Descriptions of the theses can now be found on StudOn. Check them out! (If you don’t see them, you are not logged in.) Topics crossed out below have been picked up by students already.


We just updated our set of open source theses topics. They cover technology, software process, legal/law, and business/economics. These are the headlines:

  • Best Practices of Adopting Open Source in Software Products
  • Migrating Community Open Source to Commercial Open Source
  • Packaging Software from conflicting Open Source Components
  • Codifiying Open Source’s Best Collaboration Practices
  • Introducing Agile Methods and Open Source to Student Teams
  • Estimating Open Source Growth and the Software End-game
  • Case Study: TikiWiki—Success Against Common Wisdom?
  • When to Open Source and When Not

Please find detailed descriptions on the ground floor of the Blaues Hochhaus (Martensstr. 3) or on the Professorship’s floor (4th floor). Both boards are right next to the elevators.