Announcing New *-TALK Type of Classes

To enhance the experience of learning software engineering at the OSR Group (OSS), Applied Software Engineering Alliance (PSWT), we are adding a line of *-TALK classes to our current set of seminars (ARCH, PROD, FIRM).

  • A TALK class will feature a video on a pertinent topic of interest that we will watch together and discuss in class. A short homework assignment of writing a summary paragraph about what was noteworthy will round out the class.
  • A TALK class is intended to complement a matching more traditional seminar-style class. Hence, for ARCH, the software architecture seminar class, there will be ARCH-TALK, where we watch videos on software architecture. For PROD there will be PROD-TALK etc.
  • Any X + X-TALK combined will constitute their own 5 ECTS seminar module. X + X-TALK will typically be taught as a block from 9am to noon Monday or Tuesday mornings, starting this coming winter semester with ARCH + ARCH-TALK.

The videos shown will sample the best current teaching from the web. For example, for ARCH we will draw on:

and others more. Feel free to make some suggestions!