Class Schedules of OSR Group Led Teaching

Here a list of (permanent) links that point to the schedules of courses we teach. From the schedule page, you can get to more information.

Code Type Clickable Copyable Full Name Status
FAU PSWT Lecture Schedule Applied Software Engineering Every WS
FAU ADAP Lecture Schedule Advanced Design and Programming Practices Every WS
FAU NYT Lab Course Schedule Nailing your (Research) Thesis Every WS
FAU AMOS Lab Course Schedule Agile Methods and Open Source Every SS
FAU ARCH Seminar Schedule Software Architecture Every WS
FAU PROD Seminar Schedule Product Management Every SS
FAU UXD Seminar Schedule User Experience Design In planning
FAU TDD Lab Course Schedule Test-Driven Development Irregular
FAU FIRM Seminar Schedule The Software Firm Irregular

All of them are world-readable Google Spreadsheets. Switch between tabs to see the evolution of the course over the years.