Impressions from @WolfgangKeller’s Talk on Enterprise Architecture Management

Today, Wolfgang Keller of Object Architects lectured in ARCH on Enterprise Architecture Management. Below, please find some photo impressions as well as some tweets. Thank you, Wolfgang, for teaching us!

  1. EAM deals with the portfolio of business solution architectures from @wolfgangkeller
  2. Small applications (revenue) don’t need IT support from @wolfgangkeller
  3. Costs in IT: 60-70% in technical arch/infra, only 30-40% in apps from @wolfgangkeller
  4. EAM = business arch + apps arch + tech. architecture, data centers from @wolfgangkeller
  5. Don’t assume you can functionally derive architecture from strategy from @wolfgangkeller
  6. All layers from infra up to strategy evolve by themselves, interact from @wolfgangkeller
  7. EAM = system of systems, ultra-large scale systems, metaphor of a metropolis from @wolfgangkeller
  8. Job of the EAM architect: compliance, security, risk mgmt, architecture in the large from @wolfgangkeller
  9. EAM architects need global compliance awareness, in particular to US laws e.g. SOX from @wolfgangkeller