Upcoming Industry Talk: From System Architecture to Software Architecture

We will host an industry talk (free and open to the public)

  • by: Ralph Schlenk, Walter Rothkegel, Wolfgang Thomas
  • of: Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG
  • about: From system architecture to software architecture: Development of highly reliable optical transport systems
  • on: November 13, 2012, 14:00 Uhr
  • at: Rm 04.150, Martensstr. 3 (Blaues Hochhaus, Uni Südgelände)
  • as part of: ARCH

Abstract: Transport network elements such as IP routers or optical core switches are large-scale embedded systems with software consisting of several million lines of code. In this talk we will show how system and control architecture and design choices like hardware/software split affect the systems’ software architecture. A well thought software architecture, in turn, facilitates software reuse in the ever faster moving world of telecommunications.

Speaker: Ralph Schlenk, Walter Rothkegel, and Wolfgang Thomas are members of the Software and Systems Engineering & Architecture Departments of the Optics Division at Alcatel-Lucent in Nürnberg. They have extensive experience in software development, requirements engineering and system architecture of communication systems. Mr Schlenk, Mr Rothkegel, and Mr Thomas have authored/coauthored various technical journal and conference papers and hold patents for optical transmission networks.

Language: The talk will be held in German.