Final Thesis: A Notification Service for an Open Data Service

Abstract: The Open Data Service developed at the professorship allows clients to query and fetch numerous open data sources without having to write custom adapters first. While being able to access large quantities of data in itself is already an accomplishment, clients often wish to perform complex and potentially long running analysis on this data, which becomes difficult in cases where client software is running on mobile devices due to hardware limitations. The notification service as designed and implemented in this thesis outsources the computationally intensive task of actually running the analysis to an external service, by accepting so called “rules” from clients that describe a set of conditions that should be met before sending out a notification. To better demonstrate and evaluate the powers of this notification service the Android application Pegel Alarm was developed, that supports people living in Germany in times of potential flooding by enabling them to define alarms that trigger whenever water levels of rivers have risen above critical values.

Keywords: Complex event processing, CEP, open data service, ODS, Android app, pegel alarm

PDFs: Bachelor Thesis, Work Description

Reference: Philipp Eichhorn. A Notification Service for an Open Data Service. Bachelor Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2014.