Final Thesis: A Platform Approach to Productive Games

Abstract: The Master thesis describes a potential start-up called MyProductiveApp which includes three productive games for mobile devices and its future potential application for corporate customers. The first one is a task-navigation related application, the second one is a health related application and the third one is a knowledge related application. The Master thesis covers their definition of the MRD (marketing requirements document) including an executive summary, a business idea description, a market analysis and a corporate plan. Secondly, it covers the PRD (product requirements document), where a functional specification is described. A part of thesis could be later used as an application for the EXIST Founders Scholarship and therefore the outline and its sub-chapters has been accordingly divided.

Keywords: Productive games, platform strategies, Startupinformatik, The AMOS Project

PDFs: Thesis unavailable; Work Description

Reference: Radek Cervenka. A Platform Approach to Productive Games. Master Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2014.