Final Thesis: Specifying ‘Wow!’ – How to Define and Prioritize a Feature (Teaching Case)

Abstract: This thesis takes a closer look on feature definition and prioritization in an established company dealing with challenges in the global market. When presented with the current demo version of EB Guide, a product to design and support human-machine interfaces for automotive infotainment solutions, customers of Elektrobit were initially unimpressed. To ensure the ongoing success of EB Guide, the product manager Thomas Fleischmann and his team had to come up with a new feature to enhance the product’s appeal. They came up with Multitouch controls and gesture recognition. The thesis is designed as a teaching case, meaning we will observe closely how the process of defining and prioritizing the feature takes place at Elektrobit. In addition this thesis provides exercises and corresponding techniques and literature to gain a more sophisticated approach on what a product manager’s responsibilities are. Hence you will be able to understand how software development is handled on a major project.

Keywords: Teaching case, feature definition, feature prioritization, PM by case

Reference: Hendrik Koch. Specifying ‘Wow!’ – How to Define and Prioritize a Feature. Bachelor Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2014.