Startup Pitches in KOLL, our Colloquium

Our colloquium usually serves to present resp. defend final theses. All computer science students have to perform such a presentation in addition to handing in the written thesis.

In addition to these defenses, each semester, we accept a small number of startup pitches. These are presentations by student teams who finished their degree and would like to turn their work into a startup.

We require that such pitches be performed as if the student teams was presenting in front of an investor. Student teams should perform dry-runs before they come to us and their presentation should be comprehensive from a business plan perspective. We recommend that you follow the EXIST business plan template and address at a minimum the following components: (a) problem and product, (b) market and competition, (c) people and team, and (d) intellectual property.

While uncommon for a colloquium, we view this opportunity we are affording student founders as a contribution to FAU’s overall entrepreneurial ecosystem.