Students “Nailing their Thesis” for Fun und Benefit

Come Winter Semester 2015/16, students of our course Nailing your Thesis will not only learn how to perform research, they will also put it to good practical use. Students will apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to questions and data sourced from industry. For example, last year, a large software company asked us:

How much technical debt does our software have and should we pay back that debt (clean up the code)?

We provided the answer.

Once again, for the upcoming winter semester, companies can get their questions answered by our student teams. Read more about it in this two-page summary.

  • Examples of good qualitative research questions include analysing interviews with stakeholders, for example as part of requirements engineering or market research, and
  • examples of good quantitative research questions include analysing process data from company projects to answer a question a company has about its project and make recommendation.

In a few months, we will be asking our industry partners to supply us with new questions and new data for the upcoming winter semester. However, if you would like to get a head start and want to tell us about a burning question that you can’t seem to find the time to answer yourself, feel free to contact us.

Engaging with industry in projects like those for Nailing your Thesis is something we often do, also for other topics than research. Another example are our software development projects with students.

Feel free to read more about our Lehrkonzept (in German).