Internships in Penang, Malaysia

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One of our partners, University of Sciences Malaysia (USM, at Penang), facilitates student internships with local industry in Penang. Penang is both a beautiful island off the coast of Malaysia, dubbed the pearl of the orient, as well as a high-tech hub for Malaysia. Local companies include Bosch, Western Digital, Dell, and many other well-known and less well-known ones. There are also internships available at USM itself.

Companies and USM are looking for computer and data science students. USM is facilitating the internship, which means that they will provide you with a list of available project you might like, they offer initial housing until you find your own, etc. Internships are facilitated by Mr. Lim SK of the NAv6 research center at USM. Please send him email directly, if you are interested.

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