A global entrepreneurship challenge for university students

Tom Siegel, an old friend, writes to me:

We’d like to ask for your help to get the word out about a special program opportunity that could be of great interest for students from your department/university. Fishbowl-Challenge is a global Entrepreneurship competition for students interested in working as part of a global team on important social & business problems together. Winning teams will get sponsorship and support to implement their ideas together full time next Summer. The program is free, provides unique benefit in terms of learning and exposure, and can be completed part-time during the course of the semester. Your University is known for its bright, creative and entrepreneurial students. We’d love to have some of them as part of our Fishbowl Challenge Teams!

We’d like to request your help with building awareness for the program among your students to encourage them to apply. A flyer to post and a pdf doc with a program overview are attached. Additional information can be found on www.fishbowlchallenge.com Application deadline is October 10th.

More detailed information

Thank you for your interest in our project. As for a quick intro. My name is Tom Siegel.  We are a global team ourselves (college students from the African Leadership University, Babson College, former executives from Google, Researcher from Stanford) to pull this competition together. I was a resident fellow at the African leadership University this Summer. In discussions with some of the students, this idea took shape. We want to help bring a polarized world closer together, and prepare university students to operate more effectively in an increasingly global and connected world. Our approach is to provide small international student teams with members from Africa, Europe and the US a chance to develop and present business and product ideas that address an important social need. With the help of mentors, they will define these ideas further and panels of judges will select the best ones to move forward. The winning team will have the chance to work together for one Summer to get their idea closer to launch. More details are available on our website www.fishbowlchallenge.com