The AMOS Project in SS 2020

In our course The AMOS Project students learn agile methods in an as realistic as possible software development project with industry. At the time of writing, all SS 2020 courses that require physical presence have been canceled, so we are planning to hold The AMOS Project online, using our substantial multi-year experience of successfully running courses this way. Below, please find a list of the projects planned for the coming semester and if you like what you see, please register on StudOn for our course so that we can keep you updated as the semester comes closer.

Confirmed Projects

These projects have been confirmed. More information will be made available through StudOn and later on this blog.

1. A tool for auditing software projects

  • With msg, German only
  • Keywords: Java, Javascript, AngularJS, app server

The project goal is to develop a tool that supports business consultants in auditing software projects based on ISO norm 25010 using an msg-defined auditing method.

2. A file system crawler for long-term storage

  • With GRAU Data, English or German
  • Keywords: Java or C#, GraphQL, Docker, PostgreSQL

The project goal is to develop a file system crawler to collect file meta-data; the crawler is to be packaged as a container image.

3. An app for on-the-spot job applications

  • With Consileon, English or German
  • Keywords: Java + app server, Javascript, cross-platform technologies

The project goal is to develop a mobile app with which students can apply for a job at a job fair right at the booth with the interesting jobs.

4. Atomic cross-chain swaps for the block chain

  • With ChainSquad, English or German
  • Keywords: Javascript or Python, selected block chain libraries

The project goal is to develop an application to perform atomic cross-chain swaps using hash-time locked contracts for the block chain.

5. Tagging mergers & acquisitions documents

  • With Infineon, English or German
  • Keywords: Machine learning, keyword tagging, Java

The project goal is to develop a tool for tagging documents from Infineon’s mergers & acquisitions (M&A) document database.

6. Real-time scheduler for Cloud Foundry

  • With DATEV, German only
  • Keywords: Java 11, Cloud Foundry, JSON, web services libraries

The project goal is to develop a real-time scheduler for Cloud Foundry that runs as its own service and can be managed through a REST API.

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