AMOS Project: Real-time task scheduler for Cloud Foundry with DATEV

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AMOS is our course on Agile Methods and Open Source. Students experience Scrum and software development in exciting industry-provided projects. Learn more about AMOS here.

One of the interesting AMOS projects has the goal to build a real-time task scheduler for Cloud Foundry, together with DATEV: 

Today every modern software expects immediate processing of their tasks and an instant task result.

The DATEV eG EDI department is designing and developing a new EDI cloud-native platform which requires a real-time task scheduler for job processing.

The project goal is to design and develop a cloud-native real-time task oriented scheduler and management system for the Cloud Foundry platform. The scheduler runs as micro services and is controlled and managed through REST APIs.

Tasks can be added, deleted, re-scheduled, re-prioritize etc. into a persisted store by an REST-API.

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