Fight SARS-CoV-2 with your Coding Skills?

We would like to forward to you a call to action from the US-based non-profit group Code for Philly.

Code for Philly and the Predictive Healthcare team at Penn Medicine are currently developing the open source tool CHIME.

In the light of the current SARS-CoV-2 (“Coronavirus”) pandemic, they are searching for volunteers who want to contribute their time to this project. You are coder or statistics genius?

Chime is a “tool for information seekers (folks who want to know what to expect with regards to the COVID-19 epidemic), decision makers (folks who can use the tool for information on what to expect and how to handle the epidemic), and content experts (folks who help their orgs make decisions and can contribute to app development).”

How can you help? Check out their call to action:

The team […] is now receiving a large amount of requests for app development and code sharing with regards to this product. In order to focus on the work they needed to do, Code for Philly has been working to manage the open sourcing of the project.

In particular, they need help with:

  • App development – python wizards
  • Hardening the code
  • Making it more flexible
  • Unit tests!
  • App hosting – devops heroes
  • Help agencies set up their own instance
  • Maintain Penn’s instance
  • Ensure that repo is easy to host
  • Feature development – math and stats friends
  • Consulting
  • Help agencies use and set up their own instance

You can find out more about the project and how to get involved here: