Join FOSS-Responders in addressing effects of COVID-19 on FOSS

Although free software / open source is largely developed online, COVID-19 is still having an affect. For example, foundations or projects may experience financial difficulties due to having to cancel events which have already been paid for, or due to sponsors needing to withdraw sponsorship due to their own financial situation.

FOSS-Responders has been set up to provide assistance for projects affected by COVID-19, be it offering advice on event cancellations, support on switching to online events, and more. Affected individuals and communities can request aid through the website.

If you use free software / open source in your company, please don’t forget that projects still need your support at this time. Donations can be made through the aforementioned site, or directly to the communities you rely on. If you already sponsor a community, consider renewing your support now to reduce hardship.