Red Hat’s New Open Communication Platform, Podium

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Volkmar Reiss of Red Hat writes to us:

The answer to the question on how communication with and between schools, universities, classes, teams etc should be permanently organized for 11 million school children and 2.9 million students. It is a central prerequisite for the now urgently needed expansion of digital education. The covid-19 crisis has uncovered the lack of flexible digital communication platforms that meet that needs. In line with the open source principles, Red Hat employees started to build an open communication platform that supports diverse forms of collaboration needed by teams. Podium is a set of leading open source communications tools (Jitsi, Mattermost, Etherpad,, DokuWiki, WeKan) to allow teams interact more effectively and also enables casual interactions needed in an all-remote world. The combination with Mozaik allows to build tailored productivity dashboards that meet team specific needs. All components are containerized and managed by Kubernetes, allowing immediate provisioning, scalability and portability. Additional tools can be integrated with little effort. Built with simplicity in mind, there is only a web browser needed to interact with the platform. As a pure community project, Podium is the ideal starting point for a low barrier setup of a collaboration and education platform based on the latest in computing architecture and scalability. Pull requests are accepted and appreciated.

Email of 2020-05-12 to Prof. Riehle

More information can be found here.