Dirk Stockmann on How to Scale Agile Methods

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On July 15th 2020, we were honored to have Dirk Stockmann speak to us on How to Scale Agile Methods. Dirk is the Head of R&D for the Digital Grid Sotfware Unit at Siemens Schweiz AG. His passion on customer-centric, value-driven decision-making and continuous, relentless improvement led to a very informative and interesting session.

Abstract: There are many frameworks that promise easy scaling of agile or lean working methods. But working in large and distributed organizations is just never easy. There is always a necessary overhead for alignment and communication and with large groups, there is always conflict. In this talk, we will discuss what is required to make it work and why it is extremely rewarding to be part of a team that covers several time zones and languages. The topics will range from social behavior to metrics to tools and will be explained with concrete, real-life examples.

The Zoom video recording is available on Youtube as below: