Open Ph.D. Positions in Computer Science and Information Systems

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We have several Ph.D. student positions available for a doctoral degree of the engineering faculty of Friedrich-Alexander University. Our topic is software engineering, and we are looking for people with either a degree in computer science or information systems.

The first three topics have a design science research design and require application/systems programming skills using Java or similar languages.

  1. Open data engineering. You will help solve hard problems in making open data usable for the world.
  2. Robotics open source distribution. You will help build a new open source distribution and investigate configuration complexity.
  3. Code component model. You will design a method for capturing open source code relationships for analysis.

For the next two topics, you need to have or acquire significant qualitative research skills like qualitative surveys and case study research.

  1. Commercial open source. You will investigate industry best practices of commercial open source firms.
  2. Software engineering handbooks. You will design a new theory building mechanism (a derived research method).

The last topic combines economic (business) modeling with the ability to implement business intelligence algorithms.

  1. Software economics. You will build an economic model of software code flows in large organizations.

You need to have a Master’s degree from an accredited University.

A creative and active research group awaits you, whose members enjoy to work with one another. We aim to not only perform excellent research and teaching, but also to create startups from our work.

Positions are fully (100% TVL-E13) salaried employments at the university, including social security, etc. (not a stipend).

To get an idea of what getting a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Germany is about, see my earlier short lecture on the topic.

Even if none of the topics fits your interests, but you are generally interested in a doctoral degree in software engineering, please be in touch.

To get in touch, simply send me (Dirk Riehle) email.