The AMOS Project in SS 2021

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In our course The AMOS Project students learn agile methods in an as realistic as possible software development project with industry. In SS 2021, all teaching will take place online. Below, please find a list of the open source projects planned for the coming semester. As more projects become available, we will amend the list, so make sure to check back in! The overall course schedule is also available including a link to register for the course.

Confirmed projects

These projects have been confirmed. More information is available in the short project descriptions folder.

1. EMBA Service

Students will containerize and create a user interface for EMBA, an analyzer for Linux-based firmware for embedded systems.

  • With Siemens Energy
  • Uses Python and frameworks
  • English or German

2. Context Map for Corporate Data

Students will develop a user interface for semantic web data (RDF queried through SPARQL) to provide context information for users.

  • With CPU 24×7 (IAV)
  • Uses Javascript and Semantic Web technologies
  • German only

3. Synthetic File System

Students will develop a new file system (FUSE) to view and integrate several other file systems (from meta-data).

  • With GRAU DATA
  • Uses Java or C# and related technologies, PostgreSQL
  • English or German

4. Inner Source Project Linter

Students will develop a web application to analyze and propose improvements (linting) to software projects on GitLab.

  • With DATEV
  • Uses Java, Javascript, and PostgreSQL
  • German only

5. 3D Viewer

Students will develop a 3D Viewer that can be used to walk through the rooms of an exhibition

  • With Büren & Partner
  • Uses Javascript / Typescript and related technologies
  • German preferred, English possible

6. Neural Network Enablement

Students will develop a service for using existing neural networks.

  • With Schick
  • Uses Python, Linux
  • English or German

7. Bike Nest

This startup project with develop an app and a web service to operate public bike storage.

  • With Mystery Man!
  • Uses Java and Javascript or similar techniques
  • German preferred, English possible

8. Carbon Footprint Visualization

Students will develop a web-based visualization of carbon footprint scenarios and calculations.

  • With Siemens Energy
  • Uses Javascript and web technologies
  • English or German

And it is a wrap! Eight super interesting projects, again!