Invitation to the 2021 AMOS Demo Day

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On July 14th, 2021, starting at 10:15am CET, students will present the results of three months of hard work in The AMOS Project. An AMOS project is a Scrum software development project with an industry partner. This time, we will be demoing eight projects, performed by 7-8 Master students each:

  1. EMBA Service, with Siemens Energy, a web service for an analyzer for Linux-based firmware
  2. Context Map, with CPU 24×7 (IAV), a user interface to complex corporate semantic web data
  3. Synthetic File System, with GRAU DATA, a new file system that integrates several others into one
  4. Inner Source Project Linter, with DATEV, a quality assurance tool for inner source websites
  5. 3D Viewer, with Büren & Partner, a 3D viewer that lets users walk through an exhibition virtually
  6. Neural Network Enablement, with Schick, a service for enabling neural networks
  7. Bike Nest, with Markus Stipp, a startup project that develops an app to manage bike storage containers
  8. Carbon Footprint Visualization, with Siemens Energy, to visualize carbon footprint scenarios

Please register for the demo day to receive the conferencing information in time (day before the event).