Results of Financial Product Portfolio Quick-Check Project with BearingPoint (Video and Report, Winter 2021/22)

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This project is one of seven Scrum projects that were part of the winter 2021/22 AMOS Projects. Below please find the video (you may also like the other videos) and the project summary which details the final result of the project. We run these projects every semester, so please be in touch if you would like to motivate one of your own!

Project summary

Project teamFinancial Product Portfolio Quick-Check
Project missionOur project mission is to provide a web application which allows structured data entry for financial products, comparison and evaluation among products and product variants as well as with source documents annotated visualization.
Industry partnerBearingPoint
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Project summary The AMOS QuickCheck is a program that enables a consultant to evaluate products of financial institutions for their economic impact and the complexity of the products, the product variants and the customers. This tool has 3 major parts. A page to create a new project which corresponds to an analysis of a financial institute. This analysis splits up into different product areas which holds a list of products and product variants. The second part are the rating pages where a consultant fills out a questionnaire over the economical and complexity ratings. After the questionnaires are filled out the AMOS QuickCheck can give a graphical supported recommendation about which product should be scaled up, reviewed or scaled down. All of this data can be received over various API endpoints.
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