Summary of the Winter 2021/22 AMOS Projects

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For the first time ever, the winter 2021/22 AMOS Projects included multiple universities. The AMOS and COACH students completed seven AMOS projects and the videos and project summaries below detail the final result for each of the projects:

  1. Geo Data Search (a web service to search for and find test driving routes using natural language input specifications),
  2. Jirassic Park (a plugin for Jira to support agile project management, made available through the Atlassian Marketplace),
  3. Teams to Nextcloud (a Microsoft Teams plugin to allow file sharing between Teams participants using Nextcloud),
  4. Automatic Panelist Detection (a program to identify panelists (evaluation program participants) sitting in front of a TV),
  5. Financial Product Portfolio Quick-Check (a web service that lets consultants quickly assess the status of a financial institution),
  6. Explainable Similarity Detector (a low-code web service that lets users identify similar electronic components from a database), and
  7. NFT Development (a web service to create and manage NFTs (non-fungible tokens) when “dropping” them i.e. making them publicly available).