Felix Quast wins ASQF prize for best Master Thesis

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Felix Quast, now a wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at our professorship, recently won the ASQF prize for his Master thesis.

The ASQF reports about the prize for Felix on its website.

From Prof. Riehle and Georg Schwarz’s laudatio about the recipient and his work:

The JValue project (https://jvalue.org) makes it easy, reliable, and safe for users to consume open data. The project provides the data with a high quality of service. Consumption is made easy through single uniform access API to all possible data sources. In the second major release of the JValue project, this vision was realized using a microservices-based architecture — including all resulting challenges, most notably an increased test complexity to ensure compatibility of all system components.

Felix Quast, MSc, in this prized final thesis, focused on quality assurance of microservices-based architecture. His work demonstrates a well-done balance of both theoretical foundations work and practical relevance given the significance of this architectural topic. In its theoretical part, Mr. Quast applied the methods of consumer-driven contract testing, including all advantages and disadvantages, and faced current challenges. In its practical part, he applied this understanding in the JValue project, to evaluate the methods of this type of testing.

Mr. Quast is now a research associate at the Professorship of Open source Software, the host of the JValue project. Mr. Quast is actively driving further development of the JValue project.

Congratulations, Felix!