We are Hiring! (Student Research and Development Jobs)

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The Professorship for Open Source Software and its research teams are hiring student research and development assistants (HiWi positions) for the following areas:

  1. Social Media Marketing & SEO (General) | View Job Description – Contact dirk.riehle@fau.de
  2. Language Design, Web Development, UX, & DevOps (Data Engineering) | View Job Description – Contact jvalue@group.riehle.org
  3. Performance Improvement, Search, Metrics, Visualizations, Data Handling, & Testing (QDA Software) | View Job Description – Contact info@qdacity.com
  4. Software Analytics, BI Integration, Metric Generation, & UX (Business Intelligence) | View Job Description – Contact mecois@group.riehle.org

For more information, see the specific blog posts or feel free to get in touch with the teams directly.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!