Open HiWi Position: Social Media Marketing & SEO

The Professorship for Open Source Software is looking for a student marketeer to help us manage our social media properties. In this job, together with us, you will design and operate social media marketing campaigns; this includes:

  • Analyzing existing properties and suggesting content and structure improvements
  • Working along-side research project leads to create relevant content
  • Analyzing and defining search keywords for search engine optimization
  • Operating the resulting campaigns across multiple channels, including an advertising budget

Our properties include (mature), (intermediate), (new), (new), (new). The last four are startups in various stages. Channels and tools are WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as well as Google Dashboard, Google Ads, etc. We pay for the respective commercial services.

You will work alongside an experienced social media expert to learn from and to document some of our practices as you build your expertise and apply it.

You are a Bachelor or Master student, ideally with affinity to technology and a good technology understanding and an interest in marketing. Hours are flexible, up to 19 hours per week. You can work from home. If you are interested, please get in touch with Prof. Riehle at