Summary of the Summer 2022 AMOS Projects

This semester, the students of AMOS and COACH completed eight AMOS projects. The videos and project summaries below detail the final result for each of the projects:

  1. Firmware downloader, with Siemens Energy. A tool to download and analyze free firmware images from around the web.
  2. Audit chain, with GRAU DATA. A middleware and UI to create and track an audit chain of events on top of a blockchain.
  3. Turtlebot fleet management, with SICK. A tool and service to manage a fleet of (small delivery) bots on a closed course.
  4. Digital identity, with adorsys. A tool and service to create and manage certificates around a user’s digital identity.
  5. Find my hearing aid, with WSA. A mobile app to track down lost hearing aids and other bluetooth-powered devices.
  6. IDunion blockchain dashboard, with Siemens. A dashboard for visualizing, measuring, and monitoring the IDunion blockchain.
  7. NFT playbook, with Siemens. A tool and service, including a templating engine, to make it easy to create and deploy NFTs.
  8. OpenID Connect Doctor, with SEAL Systems. A tool to analyze token structures required to access document services.