Final Thesis: Guidelines für die Integration von User Interfaces in Microservice-basierten Systemen

Abstract: Microservice-based systems consist of loosely coupled, independent distributed
services, communicating over the network. The integration of the frontend in microservices is a central problem. In contrast to the back end services, one independent service is often used for the front end of an application. This contradicts the principle of microservice-based systems, since a central, monolithic service is responsible for the entire frontend. This thesis examines how front end user interfaces can be integrated into microservices. The existing front end architectures in a microservice context are presented and analyzed with regard to advantages, disadvantages and challenges. A structured literature analysis is carried out to collect data for theory formation. In addition, expert interviews are conducted as part of a case study with industrial partners in order to get an overview of the methods used in practice. Subsequently, in the scope of an action research study, one integration options for user interfaces in microservices is applied for a specific application. The results of the action research are evaluated and compared to the contents of the structured literature analysis. The objective of the thesis is to show the implications of the comparison with a guideline. Practitioners can use this comparison to select a suitable front end integration solution for their application. Scientists can build on this work to develop further
integration solutions, refine existing ones, and extend them.

Keywords: Microservices, microfrontends, microservice UIs, JValue

PDF: Master Thesis

Reference: Pascal Vahldiek. Guidelines für die Integration von User Interfaces in Microservice-basierten Systemen. Master Thesis. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2022.