Teaching in Winter 2023/24 (Status)

These are our courses in winter 2023/24, how to register for them, and their current status:

CodeCourseRegistration Status
AMOSAgile Methods and Open SourceOpen (Campo + StudOn, please read this)
AMSEAdvanced Methods of Software EngineeringOperates as MADE this semester
COACHCoaching Agile TeamsOpen (Campo + StudOn, please read this)
MADEMethods of Advanced Data EngineeringOpen (Campo + StudOn)
SAKISoftware-Anwendungen mit KIRenamed to MADE from this semester on
SEMIApplied Software Engineering Seminar (5 ECTS)Talk to us (bring your own topic or read up on our research)
PROJApplied Software Engineering Project (10 ECTS)Talk to us (bring your own topic or read up on our research)

The status indicators have the following meaning:

  • Not-open-yet means course registration has not yet started; please don’t send email.
  • Open means you can start registration (always through the course management system).
  • Wait-list means the max. number of students has been reached; you can still join the wait-list.
  • Closed means registration for the course, including the wait-list, is not possible any longer.

We won’t be teaching ADAP in winter 2023/24.

Registration for NYT and MADE (previously AMSE/SAKI in summer 2023) proceeds through StudOn.

Registration for AMOS and COACH requires that you join the StudOn course and fill out a course entry survey to allocate you to a team/project. We expect to finish acquiring projects by the end of September and will send out a link to the course entry survey in early October.

Anyone sending us email, asking to skip the line, will be sent to the end of it.

Everyone has to come to the first class session. If you have been wait-listed and want to maintain your chances of getting in, please come to the first class session.

Outlook on future teaching

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