Results of the Ticketing Chat AI with Siemens (Video and Report, Winter 2023/24 Project)

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This project is one of six Scrum projects with industry partners that were part of the Winter 2023/24 AMOS Projects. Below please find the video (you may also like the other videos) and the project summary which details the final result of the project. We run these projects every semester, so please be in touch if you would like to motivate one of your own!

Demo Video

Project Summary

Project nameTicketing Chat AI
Project missionThe mission of this initiative is to develop a proof of concept initiated by Siemens, aimed at transforming unstructured free text and voice messages into IT support tickets. The fundamental capability of the system enables users to articulate their issues through either text or voice messages. Subsequently, an artificial intelligence component converts this input into a predefined support ticket format, and users are promptly notified upon its generation. The ultimate result is a JSON object representing the support ticket, to be seamlessly integrated into Siemens’ ticketing system.
Industry partnerSiemens
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Project summaryOur application enables users to easily create IT support tickets. This can be realised on the one hand using our WebApp, allowing users to formulate their request either via a voice recording or free text. The IT support ticket is then generated employing different AI models running in parallel. Before the ticket is submitted, the user can edit the preliminary ticket as desired. Frequent users can even create a profile so that their e-mail addresses and office location are automatically entered. Besides the WebApp, tickets can also be issued simply by sending a formless e-mail to our Talktix e-mail address. Thus, in the course of our project, we were able to implement the requirements of our industry partner and additionally include further features.
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