Final Thesis: Moderne Datenanalyse in der Cloud basierend auf Open Source

Abstract: Data analysis tools are used daily in companies, universities, and private households all over the world, with many different requirement demands on use cases, goals, performance, data types, and data set sizes. There are commercial and open source tools like Excel, Power BI, DIAdem, Python with libraries, and many more, which are used very widely in the tech industry. Even with Excel you can do image data analysis, but this is very unaesthetic, impractical, and also performs terribly. The goal of this thesis is to use nearly only OSS and OSH. There is so much efficient and proven OSS software out there we just have to combine, configure, and extend it. To have a flexible solution that can do a lot more than the tailored commercial tools. In this thesis, a cloud based data analysis platform and its infrastructure based on open source are to be advanced and used to analyze large amounts of data from various data sources. Furthermore, the aim of this thesis is to create prototypes and demonstrators that collect data, analyze, and present their results to create interest in using the state of the art data analytics. One demonstrator collects data from an electric vehicle over the OBD 2 port which is open by default. With the collected data we can analyse the EV Battery characteristics. The other demonstrator extracts and collects data from and with a Carrera race track, which is then analyzed based on the rounds and races

Keywords: Data analysis, cloud computing, open source

Reference: Fabian Justi. Moderne Datenanalyse in der Cloud basierend auf Open Source. Master Thesis. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2024.