Upcoming Talk: Ralf Spengler of ESE on Automate Everything

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We will be hosting an industry talk on “Automate Everything” in AMOS, our agile methods course. The talk is free and open to the public.

  • by: Ralf Spengler, ESE
  • about: Automate Everything
  • on: June 22nd, 2022, 10:15-11:45 Uhr
  • on: Zoom (link after registration)
  • as part of: AMOS

Abstract: When talking about automation within software development, many people think about building pipelines and automatically executing test cases. In the context of continuous delivery, they even automate the roll out of releases. But automation may not be reduced on the topic of CI/CD-pipelines. Especially in the context of agile development, and our world of increasing security threads, there is more that can bring value – either by shortening the release cycles or by strengthening the collection of feedback that is one heart piece of agile culture. This talk will show you what can be automated – inside pipelines and beyond.

Speaker: Ralf Spengler grew up in Nürnberg. After studying Molecular Science for 4 semesters, he switched to computer science at FAU. During and after this time, he worked for HEITEC AG in Erlangen as software engineer. Since 2018 he works for ESE – Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH in Erlangen. During his professional life, he developed and tested software in agile teams for different branches as industrial automation, automotive and healthcare. A large part of the projects was for safety critical products. With his high affinity to automated testing and process knowledge he supports agile transformation.