Final Thesis: Unification of Organizational Data

Abstract: This thesis addresses the challenge of managing organisational structure data in inner-source software development environments and proposes a novel unified structure for standardised data storage and processing. The development of this unified structure and an implementation approach aims to solve identified problems, with demonstrations and evaluations showing potential solutions and highlighting limitations. Our work contributes to academic and practical areas by solving the critical problem of organising enterprise data and increasing the efficiency of data management practices. Despite the progress, the complexity of organisational data management shows that further research is needed, especially regarding system integration and adaptability. Future directions include exploring different use cases that may require alternative design decisions and extending the unified structure into a comprehensive employee knowledge base. This could open up new applications, such as detailed employee evaluations and process analyses, previously hindered by scattered data in different systems. This work lays the foundation for a standardised concept of organisational data management and thus represents a significant development for the future.

Keywords: inner source, open source, organizational data, data pipelines, active directory, software engineering, software development, metrics

PDF: Master Thesis

Reference: Philipp Winklmann. Unification of Organizational Data. Master Thesis. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2024.